Men's Slacks: How to Use

The behavior of a person can be divided into two phases, the first one is at work and the second informal periods. More than talking habits, to move and to interact, in your job, the individual is also judged by the clothes you wear.
So who goes to the office every day to work or to go through a job interview, you need to be dressed properly. Men who have a more formal profession should wear clothes that reflect severity according to the position you are exercising. The slacks is one of the most used parts for those in this situation, after all it is easy to combine, but even so there are still people who commit some mistakes. Check below how to use male slacks.

  1. First to learn how to use these clothes is necessary to keep in mind as I don’t use it. Under no circumstances use slacks with sneakers or t-shirt, because this is sports and footwear must be used in more informal occasions.
  2. Secondly, when buying a pair of jeans that she must be exactly your size, once the bar gets too big your visual will be sloppy and if it is too short your half certainly will be appearing, which let’s face it is nothing fancy.
  3. In addition, the waistline of clothing must also conform to your body. In case you get a little large, use a belt to hold it. Men who have a large belly should avoid wearing tight pants, because it tends to get too tight on top and large bottom.
  4. Try combining this piece with discrete colors shirts social and preferably without pictures. If it is long, the bar must be hidden inside the pants, but be careful not to create volume.

5 On cold days combine with sweater or jacket of the same color. Avoid using upper body colors that destoem much of it is being used in the lower area.

  1. Feet choose always wear shoes that are too discrete and social, preferably in colors Brown or black. Is not suitable to use shoes with buckles or other details which may contrast with the pants.
  2. Co about colour of this social clothes, men who are a little overweight can use dark parts to hide the extra pounds, while who has is very lean can choose pants in lighter shades like beige.