Men's Slacks: Fashion Tips

A social look gives an air of charm to any person, especially when it comes to a well-dressed man. Key piece to the visual arrebatante of a man’s pants. There are various models of slacks, this way, if you want to know some of the main styles attention to tips here.

  1. A first model of slacks is the basic pants, she has the thin pipe, not having leftovers in the bar, being a great outfit to wear with a shirt-sleeved striped social and even with a suit and tie. The social shoe blends perfectly with this style of pants, being that it has openings for the fitting of seat belts, is a style of pants that requires care for any type of activity that you are performing, how to sit for example, just because she’s pretty strict.
  2. Another model of slacks is that wider, which has wider pants bar and the barrel of the wider pants. Is one of the best models for use with suit, and is known for its pants back pockets. The charm of this pants is precisely the fact that the bar be longer and could cover a little, bringing an air of utmost seriousness for any environment.
  3. A style of pants more loose, but social, is that pants that look from a distance resembles a certain type of plastic, and the top of the pants in which can be placed the belt can be both amarril as elastic. It’s a more relaxed style slacks, generally being recommended for those events that do not require an excessive formality.
  4. Another type of model of slacks is that held in Microfiber, resembling satin material, is a very flashy pants model, being an excellent choice to wear the shirt inside social, having the option to put belt or not. The differential of this pants is that, unlike the others, this can be used with dress shoes as with shoes, besides, the cloth is very sensitive to the touch.
  5. A typical model of male social pants is one that resembles the recyclable fabric, being covered with a pretty dry and full of small holes. This model of pants has the barrel and the wider bar, being quite fair behind, and can be used with social or shirts with a complete set of suit and tie.