Melissa Shoes 2016

Who has a little more than 30 years knows well the Melissa. The brand created in the years 90, plastic and super cheap, has become a fever among young people with only a model. It was nice to get to school using transparent sandal, a mix of shoe with sandals and colorful socks. Until today the model is manufactured. The differential of the Melissa collection 2016 is how much the brand proves again that even though plastic sandals, footwear can have style.

Models of the Collection Melissa 2016

An invitation to those tasty brand of sandals so cool and differentiated. The visual basic lovers are going to love the new line Melissa Lovely, who won a remodeled and became even more elegant. It is the most basic sandal brand, for the day to day, in black, yellow, white and rose pink. She also fashion color trends summer 2016, being the most prominent yellow tonal palette of the mark according to the latest fashion shows.

The luxury line we have the partnership with stylist Karl Lager feld creating models of basic jump. The jumps are ugly, plastic imitating small colorful beads, quite different. Are shoes to go to work or party. Nothing but plays with the casual and elegant in the same look.
If you do the basic style will surely love the line Harmonic Bow, creeping colored sandals with the colors of fashion summer 2016. Fashion color in accessories is already there: baby blue, discreet, elegant and at the same time to combine everything. Following the trend of metallic accessories for fashion, shiny metal ties on top, not so big to the point of being embarrassing but somewhat larger to be seen in the distance.
The basic model of the basics of the brand is also still there. Won new colors, but Melissa Sweet and, now, no strings attached, is firm and strong in 2016 collection. The cool thing is the search of trademark trends, investing in dual black and white color, a bet of stylists to pumping in the summer and also sets 2016 inverse. The other trademark tones are pink, yellow with black, beige with white or beige with black.

Melissa Collection Price 2016

If you still have in mind the Sandals Melissa 90 years and their values well inviting forget a little.
The brand if renewed, partnered with fashion designers and is now with prices equal to famous manufacturers and even some brands. The simplest Sandals come out around R$60 and models of up to 150. In Brazil the price range is around R$80 to the new collections.
Buy the collection Melissa 2015 is quite simple. You can search in your city the official brand stores or online at their website which is also an online store, the Other official vendors online and in your city also sell the original product, but be careful to check the mark, quality of material and comes in the box with Melissa. After all, everything can be pirated in the world and who loses is the consumer.
With What to Wear Sandals in the Collection Melissa 2016?
The best combination is visual basic always. Melissa’s plastic is stylish and durable, but still not so chic about to go to a party. But with jeans and knitwear or perhaps a more elegant linen shorts can without any problem and is even pretty cool combination. The important is comfort.
You don’t have to use more tone on tone with the bag, but it’s a combination without error. For a long time, girls and women wore the same color in the bag, the shoes and belt when used. No longer rule. You can use black bag (that goes with everything!) with Melissa Lovely without problems or the Oxford Blue version with pink bag. When it comes to a young and innovative brand as Melissa, it’s worth using a little bit of everything to add visual style.