Meet the Top 10 Benefits of Pedaling


The first exercise consists of pedaling sitting on the saddle, pedaling in a heavy relationship (large crown with smaller cassette), maintaining a low pedaling cadence (between 50 and 60 pedals per minute). Each repetition should last between 10 to 20 minutes, in sets of two to three repetitions. For recovery between sets, pedal in a soft ratio (middle crown and middle cassette) in medium to high cadence (between 80 and 90 pedals per minute) for 15 minutes. This exercise will work its strength and endurance, being preferred that it be carried out in stretches of accentuated rise.


The second exercise will improve your maximum burst strength. Start with your bike stopped or almost (try to keep in balance). From this position, perform between 8 and 12  sprints  with a duration of 10 to 15 seconds. For this, use a relationship that although heavy when starting, can be fast during the  sprint. Pedal normally for 5 minutes to recover from each  sprint, and 15 minutes between each sprint series. Do between two to three sets of this exercise.


The last exercise consists of pedaling standing on the pedals for at least 5 minutes without sitting on the saddle in no time. This will promote the strengthening of the muscles of the arms and torso, which will contribute to a more efficient pedaling. As a recovery, pedal in an average ratio sitting on the saddle for at least 20 minutes.