Meet the Monster High Scaris Night!

The Monster High are one of the most successful of Mattel. Gothic, original and different dolls that seek to promote the values of tolerance and acceptance of oneself among girls from 6 years onwards. Outstanding taste to follow fashion trends in footwear, make-up and clothing is one of the salient features of these famouss dolls. Created in 2007 by Garret Sander and Kellee Riley, Monster High dolls came to the market in the year 2010, surprising for its style and its appearance completely breaker on dolls such as Bratz or Barbie, Myscene.
Another major differences was the marketing campaign designed around s launch. Along with the dolls was also released a cartoon series and published a novel signed by the American author Lisi Harrison. The great success of the Monster High materialized in three novels, several movies and the constant appearance of new dolls, dresses and sets.