Meet Mom Jeans, Kendall Jenner's New Favorite Pants

Girls who love the vibe of the 90’s are going to be crazy about Kendall Jenner’snew fashion addiction: mom jeans. From high waist and slouchy modeling (but less than the boyfriend model, which is oversized and boyish), “mama jeans” has returned to fashion and it girl has already elected him as his favorite of the season. We show how it adds the trend to looks to inspire you! Look that:
There’s no doubt. When it comes to mom jeans, Kendall loves to pair with a cropped. Here she opted for a very short, long-sleeved, voluminous sweatshirt, showing the belly. On her feet, she invested in metallic shoe, which added a fashionista touch to production. It makes it look easy, right?
Investing again in the cropped, this time she bet on a model shoulder to shoulder black. Fairer , the blouse balanced the slack modeling of the pants. To increase, Kendall added two belts to the production, which ended up drawing attention to the jeans. Another trick used by the top was to bend the trouser bar so that the trim would look better with the shoe. Thus, the heavy boots finalized the casual look and many fashion!
To give the combo cropped+mom jeans a break, Kendall bet on a styling trick: the knot in the sweater. And to complement the basic production, the top has invested in a powerful platform oxford and a caboe. We love it!
But it’s not just Kendall who surrendered to the trend, no! Fashionistas around the world are already betting on modeling. And, in addition to the cropped, they like to combine with social shirts, other shorter ones and even fur blouses. Does not it cool?
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