Male Sarouel Pants: How to Use

Hammer pants men arrived with everything in 2011, has reached a wide public extension that was bringing the piece into the male wardrobe. The model was released to an audience young and more intentionally stripped, straddled the border between modern for some who managed to innovate using the clothing with pieces they could spend up to a more classical printing.
With the achievement of the public men’s hammer was adapting to various styles from the classic made with traditional fabrics like denim, jeans, sweatshirt or tactel in sports.

  1. Use in informal environments; because it is a stripped down garments, saruel frowned upon when used in formal environments. If you work in an environment very geared toward formality, as law firms or banks, forget the part when it is working.
  2. Coordinate the use of the hammer with fairer shirts and short in length, whether they are short or long sleeve.
  3. Prefer the t-shirts or tank tops in v-neck or U which contrast well with the Pant model.
  4. Escape from the mix of prints: If you use a chess sarouel, invest in plain shirt. The inverse also applies in the use of printed shirts.
  5. Avoid using very short and tight shirts, if you are “skinny”, because it does not cause a good impression in conjunction with the pants.
  6. Be careful when you use it, if you are overweight or “Shorty”. The recessed hook prints the idea that the leg is short. If you have thick calves already give preference to dark colors.
  7. Fun hats and long necklaces as part of accessories, as they strip look better without leaving the trend that the piece suggests.
  8. When used with blazer, opt for short-length models at the height of the upper edge of the hip is perfect-with more modern, like those that have rounded ends, because the classic model doesn’t sit well with the style stripped suggested by the play.
  9. Prefer the models in sweatpants or tactel to use it for sports practices, or even on beaches. The models made with lighter fabrics are ideal for use in the summer.