Male Lingerie: Arrival in Bras

The Australian company Homme Mystere started marketing online men’s lingerie getting a resounding success. The mad men to push up bras, thongs, body and basques.
We, who love shopping and fashion, we know how the latest trends are often eccentric, crosscurrents and unusual. Just as we are always aware that the Heads of lingerie women are likely to be more refined, varied and rich than the usual boxers and briefs male. But brace yourselves girls: now it is changing.
After the red nail polish for men , are coming big news as regards the ‘men’s underwear. Are you skeptical? Read on …
It really seems that the era of boxers and briefs for men is destined (unfortunately) to finish: the new lingerie for him includes flowers, ribbons, bras push up , thong, body and even guêpière . An arsenal of underwear designed to be envied by us women. L ‘ Homme Mystere Australian company in fact, reversed the market trends, and created a wide range of lingerie masculine tacky.

Garments that will surely turn up their noses to each of you, but he can be bought at reasonable prices and delivered straight to your door. A choice undoubtedly innovative, that of the brand Australian, who wanted to please a male audience eager to wear underwear items, hinting to the typically feminine lines, but able to enhance at the same time their physicality men. These are the words of Brant and Laura Krause, designer Homme Mystere :
For males the intimate setting options were too few. We do not care if those who buy either gay, straight, vegetarian, republican, Anglican. We design and make underwear for men that is comfortable, sophisticated and attractive.
This new kind of lingerie male has depopulated the web getting a resounding success: purchase requests have been received from over 20 different countries. Currently the company has the registered and operating in Australia, but the garments are produced in China.
On the globalsciencellc,  you can choose from babydoll , bras and panties from the most incredible fantasies (lace with flowers, with bows and polka dots). With less than $ 50, in addition, you can also buy body , thong or men’s garters. Managers of  Homme Mystere commenting all this with enthusiastic words:
Our lingerie male is a real revolution. Now our customers are no longer forced to go to the main shopping almost exclusively by women. Moreover, the word  mystere wants to evoke the preciousness and exoticism of feminine lines, while the word homme clearly defines who the audience is our product: men.
And the success of sales online seems to unfortunately confirm this thought. The purchase requests from all over the world, although Russia and North America are the places where the mark has a broader customer base. Do you think that more than 90% of shoppers are heterosexual  and who buys this particular type of lingerie to play along with his partner . Who would have thought?
I’m curious to know your opinions about it: you still prefer a man in briefs or boxer , or someone who decides to surprise you by wearing a lingerie particularly male?