Making the Most of the Black and White in the Decoration

You know I love coloring, but black and white has its value. For it is a classic in decoration and fashion. To decorate well using only black and white, you need to think about everything. After all, it will not have color to distract, right? And you can use this pair in different ways to create very different climates. Black and white works in almost every style of decoration! See these rooms, rooms and kitchens below for some ideas.
Black-white can be fun as in these bathrooms: The poster on the wall in one and the messy stains on black on the wall of the other are cheerful, despite the “silliness” of colors.
And see more of these 14 beautiful environments!
Black and white can even have “a lot of information” and be as contemporary as the bathroom on the left or be rustic and sophisticated as the one on the right. In this case, the coatings practically dictate the style.
Black and white environments can also be delicate like bathroom and other rooms. In them the white in greater quantity, the drawing in fine trace and the few elements in black is that bring this smoothness.
Add interests by using prints such as the kitchen and bedroom above.
The differentiated textures (on carpet, wall, bedside, bedding, panel, curtain) enrich the environments in black and white. This room is a great example of this.
In clear surroundings, even more with high right foot, painting the upper part of the wall in black confers coziness and does not diminish. And see that at the bottom of this bathroom, there is a lot of white. Already in darker and smaller environments. you can use the black on the walls as in the photo on the right: only on the bottom wall. It also brings warmth and does not detract greatly from the low light, as long as the top is quite white.
To add joy instantly use objects or small furniture in a strong color: red, yellow, orange are jovial; green, blue, lilac in lively tones, which are refreshing and can give more sophistication. Also notice how the use of ash softens and also sophisticates.
The black and white using more black and strong elements like the paintings, carpet and chandelier of these rooms can create dramatic environments unforgettable, very sophisticated.