Leeco Announces Smart Bike Running Android

As time passes, more and more items are adding intelligent functions. Ten years ago we did not imagine the iPhone being advertised by Apple, and things went so fast that we are currently expecting our refrigerator to let us know when the milk is at an end when we are passing through a supermarket. Considering the speed with which practically everything is becoming “smart”, it does not come to be a surprise so great that now even bicycles entered the wave.
LeEco, which recently announced plans to compete with Tesla in the electric car and stand-alone segment, has set up Le Syvrac, a bike that runs Android on a 4-inch screen.The most predictable functions of a smart bike are all there: GPS, distance meter, heart rate monitor and even ability to play music, as it has a built-in sound box that is not high but fulfills your paper.
Other functions include headlamp automation and an electronic lock, which locks the bike until it is unlocked. It also includes a special alarm that triggers when it detects a closed environment, such as the back of a truck, for example, including dedicated sensors. And to process all this data? The processor specifications have not been released, but what is certain is that the “on-board computer” has no less than 4 GB of RAM.
And to charge the internal battery? By attaching the tool to the tool, it is recharged as the bike moves. That is: no need to be recharging Le Syvrac in the socket, besides being a nice stimulus to exercise, right? All this comes with a price, of course, that can reach up to $ 6155 (R $22,466, without taxes or fees) for the special edition in carbon fiber.
Like all new technology, the first products are quite expensive, but it is an essential step for the popularization of any technology, as well as the gradual reduction of its price. Tell us what you think of LeEco Le Syvrac in the comments!