Learn How to Use Hot High Waist Pants

Are you looking for tips about the hot pants learn how to use high waist? Hot pants pants are the famous high-waisted pants and they are having success with women from all over the world. This model of pants values the silhouette and leaves you with everything on top. The most commonly used models are skinny and flare the former mouth of Bell did quite successfully back then, and now is back.

Learn How To Use Hot Pants Pants High Waist

Split up some tips to use your pants that are “must have” by 2015. Learn how to use Hot Pants high waist:
Use with top croped
Cropped blouse models are trend and combine perfectly with hot pants pants. Stretch your legs and look good in high and mainly for short, since it gives the impression of being taller.
Lycra is democratic not
The pants up is democratic for different body types, but the lycra can highlight the protruding belly and love handles.
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Hot pants flare pants
The hot pants flare are a calçad model and high waist that are wider in your end, near the feet. As former Bell mouth. They are a good option for those who are overweight and do not want to score the fat with the skinny version of the hot pants.
Disco Pants
Another model of the hot pants, pants are the doctor pants. They are coladinhas, high waist and made of vinyl or some other bright fabric. Are
perfect for clubs, because they give daring to look.

Looks with hot pants pants

Because they are quite practical, are infinite the looks possible with hot pants pants, especially in winter, 2015. Learn how to use hot pants high waist:
Look with hat
Shirt, jacket, stockings 80 wire and make a boho with a hat.
Wool and boots
Fleece sweater and booties mid-cut
Look ballad
Hot pants and blouse and night cast off with a leather jacket.
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