Learn All About the Records

Available in three models, the records are key parts in the hydraulic system.
Necessary to control the flow or block the water outlet of the hydraulic system, the records are found on the market in three models: pressure, gate and ball.
Pressure Records
The pressure records are installed on the shower wall, and have the function of controlling the flow of water and lead the liquid flow. You will use them whenever you need to trigger the water at bath.
Drawer records and ball
Already the drawer records and the ball are used to completely block the flow of water in case of maintenance. They should be installed close to their point of use. This means that each hydraulic circuit needs to have your record.
You want an example? If there are two bathrooms in the house, it indicates the installation of at least two records (one pressure and one drawer) for each bathroom with the intention to block the exit from the shower, faucet and toilet.
Regarding the maintenance of parts, know that there is a specific frequency to do it. The indication that the product should be repaired is the existence of water leakage. In this case, simply replace registry fix it so that it will operate normally.
Specific feature of the ball valve
Besides being used to block the water outlet of hydraulic systems, the ball valve is also recommended for installation in the water tank , since the part is more resistant and is typically made of the same material as the hydraulic connection pipes house that are PVC.
The record that connects the chest tube to the use of points should be installed near the water tank to be triggered when there is a need to empty it completely if cleaning.
Base or registration?
It is still very common for people to have questions about the use of the base and record. The difference between the two parts, however, is quite simple: the base is the record without the mechanism opens and closes.
This piece is available without this mechanism just to offer the freedom of consumers to choose their finishes, allowing for a more pleasing aesthetic. The record, in turn, is the complete piece with mechanism opens and closes included.
Conserving water is necessary
Since registration is an important tool for the rational use of water, we have some important information on the subject:

  • If there is leakage in the records, do not wait too long to repair the product. A hole 2 mm in diameter is able to waste up to 3.2 liters of water per day;
  • At bath time, close the pressure record when soaping;
  • Take quicker showers: in a 15-minute shower, electric shower uses 45 liters in the case of house and 140 liters in apartments (the amount is higher in this case because of the increased pressure on the network). If the bath is five minutes, only 15 liters are spent in homes and about 50 liters in apartments.