Latest Fashion Shoes for Ladies

With collections of fashion summer 2016 women’s shoes already launched, now is the time to mine in stores and choose the ones that will add to your closet. We have a nice suggestion: a new collection Arezzo in 2016. With stores spread throughout Brazil and distinctive design of your products, you have a lot to evaluate when to sneak a peek at the brand new models and maybe fall in love.
And what brings brand new to the market? Novelty even we have only the new use of stones in your model. The Arezzo stands as tone base brown, the color symbol of the brand and already present in the fixed collection. Many of the brand parts, as always, are combined with brown, a basic color and worth investing in your wardrobe. Overall the collection goes well cool, keeping the air conservatism of Arezzo (see, which focuses on modern and business woman as your target audience.

Models and Colors of Arezzo 2016 Collection

  • Birkes- if you are the practical and elegant type, will love the investment in the brand bikers, flat sandals in brown leather at the base but with bright colors for spring summer fashion on top. They are comfortable shoes and facing the day to day even with prints with three or four tones and metallic buckles, but closed and discrete in colors.
  • Creepers- If you are creeping fan, will love the models with precious stones of the brand. Keeping leather like brown base, we have a good combination of stylish pieces with bright stones the best Indian fashion style. It is fashionable to use stones in sandals and there are good combinations this time to rock. Model with strips of mirrored material silver and gold, optimal shoe model tip for the turn of the year.
  • It shoes- yes, they are back. They seem to grandpa and grandma shoes plus a migration of the male wardrobe for them. The shoes are rounded toe and made of durable fabric with leather soles, soft and extreme comfort to those who drive or have a full work routine. It prints for all tastes, like the beautiful pink shoes with bright and blue and white, who is casual and elegant.
  • Sandals with thin high heels!- There are few brands investing in classic thin high heels. If you are a model lover, go on a Arezzo store and take a peek in the beautiful colorful models for summer fashion but very neutral, like pink sandal, beige (another tone of fashion is here to stay) with beautiful woven leather. They are shoes for long months of use, timeless, that it is worth investing. But both models with high thick heels? Also have! Sneakers almost clogs, comfortable and stable in beige and closed stamping color are there too.

The 2016 Arezzo spring summer fashion collection has a strong inspiration in fashion navy, known sailor style. We have bags, shoes and sandals with prints in blue and white stripes. The elegant variation for beachwear is also there, as white and red stripes and the like. There is also the North American style of dress, with prints in red, white and blue stripes on sandals, sneakers and accessories. All basic and with few details, as the prints already quite striking. The highlight are the shoes with anchor prints in blue and white, pure charm!
The focus of the collection in its basic line is to set aside the precious stones and stick with interlaced leather. They are good shoes and without much detail unless interlaced even following the fashion tones. For accessories, there are necklaces with two or three strips following the jeweled trend, but not too bright.
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Arezzo 2016 Collection Prices
Even though the new collection, the brand does not run away much of its average price, being between R$90 and R$400 for shoes and R$300 in scholarships. Arezzo warranty and all their products are genuine leather, so the high value compared popular.