Landline Phone in Phone-How Does This Work?

Today Brazilians are increasingly using cell phones and leaving their landlines aside. Less and less we stayed in our homes, which complicates the use of landlines. But have you ever thought that you can put both in a product?
Most mobile operators in Brazil have launched plans to blend the phone to fixed telephony service. In reality, it is a normal cell plan, which uses a mobile device but with values similar to those used by a landline and creating possibilities, such as the installation of internet in your House among others.

Gradually this service WINS space. Basically, while you are at home, he uses his landline to phone calls. Off it, he uses the phone line, with different values for each of the services and the type of connection made. It is important to clarify with the carrier if I get phone line connection is performed via Wi-Fi, as is the case for some carriers. This is important because if this is the case, it is more valid the user to have a cell plan more into account and make calls using VoIP programs, cheaper, and more competitive which mobile operators.
At the beginning of the provision of these services in Brazil, the biggest problem was the instability of network, something that was at least reduced in recent times. Already the biggest advantage focuses on the issue of comfort: who has not wanted to receive all calls through a telephone only, wherever you are? The consumer prefers to use the cell phone than have to get rum landline. And pay a little more or maybe the same price to have a cell phone that makes the role of the two is attractive to the vast majority of consumers.
What the customer needs to think in time to acquire this type of service is if really worth and if the person really makes a lot of calls to fixed numbers. If you have a retail store or business touched home, this product will serve your purpose, once you have contact with many fixed numbers during the workday. Already a regular user, the choice needs further reflection, since not everyone these days need to call landlines and can choose in most cases for calling cellular numbers.
Choosing or not for this kind of service, it’s good to know that the operators think of the client and try to provide more flexible products to different profiles.