Know the Biciculture

Bicicultura, the largest national meeting of mobility for cycling and cycling, takes place between May 26 and 29, 2016 in São Paulo. Organized by civil society, it seeks to be the greatest exponent of the bicycle in all its aspects: cultural, social, political, artistic, economic and environmental.
The event opens up space for sharing, sharing knowledge and forming alliances between cyclists, cyclists, enthusiasts and interested in urban democratization, environmental sustainability and the quality of life that the bicycle provides.
The program, which is being prepared, will feature lectures, workshops, film shows, night-bikes and other free activities, such as trade fairs and exhibitions on the bicycle market.Short announcements will be made to suggest workshops and to register films on the show. Activity sites will still be set and announced shortly.
The Bicicultura 2016 is conceived and carried out by the União de Ciclistas do Brasil – UCB, Ciclocidade, Instituto CicloBr, Instituto Aromeiazero, sponsored by Banco Itaú and institutional support of the City of São Paulo, in addition to the supporters Aliança Bike, ANTP, Apé, Bicicleta Bike is Legal, Brazil Bike Polo, Angel Bike, West Zone Bike, CicloZN, City on Foot, Compartibike, Dream BMX, Figure Movies, Greenpeace, Health and Sustainability Institute, ITDP Brasil, oGangorra, Page of Rachel, Pedal Verde , Portal Mobilize, Active Transport, Silvia and Nina and Go to Bike.
If you have identified with this proposal and want to collaborate,  here is  a well-structured collaborative funding campaign!