It's Dangerous to Overclock?

Overclocking is a very common practice in the world of computing. It is used to give a survival to a computer already exceeded or cause him to have a better performance for any task. With the phone is the same thing, but there are risks involved that should be evaluated by who wants to opt for overclocking.
The overclock of cell phones is, for the most part, done in the processor unit. So it more income than the rate for which it was programmed, some things can be done. One of them is changing the “clock” of the processor that is, change the speed of the same. Another way is by changing the voltage to the processor.

In the first case, the processor will be able to perform more calculations. The more he makes calculations, faster circuits inside work. And the faster a circuit works, the more energy it consumes. Thus, the lifetime of your battery can decrease dramatically. And another thing: with a greater flow of energy, the trend is that the processor heat up more. If your phone is not kept in a ventilated location or even if you abuse a lot on multiplication of processing, chances are you will have a “fried”. There, it was his cell phone.
The second methodology is much more risky. By increasing the voltage of a processor, you enables him to have access to more energy for the processing of calculations. With more power, we have the same problem of heating of the second method. The battery consumption also increases. And there is a greater risk of you “FRY” the processor.
However, there are many softwares on the market that allow you to monitor the temperature of the processor, as well as the consumption of the processor. Just do the overclock if you have access to these monitoring tools and know very well what you’re doing. Never make any changes on your phone without you knowing very well how it works. Some processors can handle having a larger processing, as the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note II, which has the same processor but in “clocks” (the S3 is less powerful).
With research, you can also see what happened in the experiments of other people and so, learn from mistakes and successes on the internet. The recommendation we give is to avoid the overclocked to the Max, even if you have a good knowledge. Cell phones are not meant to be modified in this way.