It's Dangerous to Answer the Phone by Pressing?

I rate this warning “exaggerated” because it derives from one or two small newspapers reports of third world countries where a person was affected or killed by the use of mobile phone while carrying. But no one talks about brands or the situation in which the case occurred, that is, there is probably a lot more involved.
Assuming that the report was accurate, without taking into account some environmental factor, it is fair to conclude that either the phone or the charger was faulty, since you won’t be able to find many reports of people being electrocuted when using a mobile phone charging. Also, under normal circumstances, the current flowing to a cell phone should not be strong enough to kill anyone and neither the manufacturers nor consumer agencies warn customers against using cellular phones while they are being loaded.

In these circumstances, therefore, is excessive and unnecessary zeal think you take risks when using a mobile phone properly registered by Anatel and INMETRO seal.
Which is not to say that no one has ever been injured by a cell phone. Over the past few years there have been several reports of mobile phones on fire or “exploding”, causing prejudice to its owners. Most of these incidents have been attributed to the use of unauthorized batteries and/or defective.
Safety Precautions
To avoid such accidents, do not use mismatched batteries or telephone and unauthorized Chargers. Don’t mess with the battery or allow it to be punctured, crushed, or contact metal objects out of the phone. Avoid damaging the phone, making him fall to the ground, keeping it where it can overheat, or let him stay wet. Follow the manufacturers instructions for battery usage, storage and reloading. You may even want a cheap phone, but never buy a shanzhai.
And above all, don’t answer a phone charging barefoot or wet, because then, you run a risk.