It is Dangerous to Do Root on Android?

The Android community is very strong around the world, especially among developers and people interested in customize the system to your tastes. But to customize your system, you’ll find that most of these customizations require “root” of Android. But how to make the root of Android? What is root?
The “root” (root/root, in free translation) allows the user to have access to the root of the Android system on the computer. From the factory, this root comes protected against modifications to prevent people and malicious programs to modify and even damage your cell phone. With this freedom, you can also delete system programs, install custom ROMs and much more with your Android device.

The first risk that you already run by root on an Android device is that, depending on the technique used, you will lose the warranty of your device. It is discovered because each time you do the “root” in your Android for a counter to what technicians have access with some code and programming. You need to have full awareness of the method you are using and to guarantee your Android to make the “root” safely and use a method that does not modify the counter.
A second risk is the “brick” (brick, in free translation). When the change goes wrong, since you’re accessing the Android system that is stored in the circuit of the appliance and not on “normal” memory, you run the risk of being damaged the operating system and so, having a cell phone that does not work. For how to retrieve a cell phone that he suffered “brick”, however, is a process that can be expensive or require a lot of knowledge on the part of the user to do so.
A “root” well-planned, with a lot of research on the internet and using the right program for your phone model, it is very difficult to “brick” your device. But from the moment you make the “root”, any modification and application installation must be well thought-out in order not to damage your appliance and take a loss.
The “root” is safe for those who have the time and patience to search on the subject, with many gains for the user.