It Happened at Dawn: the First Edition of Pedal Owl

Friends exchange the rest of the holiday for a night stroll along the rural roads of jaboticabal and region.
Organized by the Catraca Jaboticabal cycling group, the event brought together about 90 people. Groups of cyclists from Monte Alto, Guariba, Barrinha, Dumont and Pradópolis joined the bikers of Jaboticabal and made one of the largest rural walks in recent years.
The solution was at 2 am in the allotment Monterrey and the arrival around 7:30 am, after 65 km covered by rural roads Jaboticabal. And an enhanced breakfast awaited everyone at Estância Santa Amélia.
A perfect organization, complete with support vehicle for any mechanical problems that might arise and an escort which ensured the safety of all, did the Owl Pedal an event to go down in history for all who participated.
But what leads a group of about 90 people giving up the holiday of tiradentes and pedal for more than 60 kilometers of land throughout the morning?
For Julio César Vargas, from Jaboticabal, the love for bike, sport and fun were the ingredients to give up the holiday. Vargas pedals four years ago and says with enthusiasm that he will certainly participate in the next tours.
Already Flávio Carvalho, better known as Xilim, changed the night for the day to realize one of his dreams that was to pedal by the whole dawn. For Xilim, the success of the Pedal Corujão is due to the friendship and the companionship of all who participated. Xilim pedals two years ago and is one of the founders of the group “Galera do Pedal Guariba”.
Delmiro Rodrigues Borges, gave up his holiday for being passionate about pedal with the galley. According to him, there is no better sport and it is where he meets new friends. He explains that the success of the Pedal Owl happened mainly by the beautiful organization in the part of supporting the athletes and by the breakfast that was greatly strengthened. Baiano is from nearby Barrinha and is a veteran on the pedals, practicing the sport for nine years.
Francisco Luiz A. Ferreira, Monte Alto, found several reasons for having participated in the Owl Pedal, mainly because it is a different pedal, the company this class (Ratchet Group Jaboticabal) which has great friends. The success he credits the participants who directly or indirectly collaborated with the organizer. Francisco pedaled four years ago.
Leonardo Merlim Júnior chose to pedal at dawn to enjoy this conviviality, participation and interaction with everyone. According to him, success can be explained because everyone who was involved believed that the event would work out. Merlin has been pedaling for five years.
Certainly the result is very rewarding because, all of them almost unrecognizable behind a dust mask, they still smiled at the photos upon arrival of the ride.
And each of the participants is sure that for the next pedal in the early morning just call, everyone is ready. Just the couple responsible for the whole organization, Genival and Tachica, mark the date that the galley already begins to prepare the bikes.