Instagram Will Sort Photos and Videos by Relevance

Instagram is the next social network to abandon the chronological order in publications.On Tuesday (15), the service announced that it will move to display your pictures and videos in content feeds by order of relevance, similar to Facebook. The change will take place over the coming months.
According to Instagram, the reorganization of the feed happen because the social network “grew and became more difficult to keep track of all the photos and videos that people share.” The Instagram numbers realize that users do not see, on average, 70% of the feed content, and end up losing important moments.
Although sort content by relevance, Instagram ensures you will not hide the photos of users, different from what happens on Facebook. “Importantly, all publications of the people you follow will be there, just in a different order,” the statement said.
The display order in the feed will be defined by the user’s likely interest in the content and the relationship with the person who posted the photo or video, based on Tanned and comments. The posting of the schedule will also be taken into account by Instagram, so you can view the photos published last night so wake up, for example.
The new Instagram algorithm will be tested with a group of users and is expected to be released gradually in the coming months.