Instagram: Three Tips for Exciting Photos

Good lighting, proper perspective and reasonable editing: What is true for professional photography, can help you also in the pictures, published her in social networks like Instagram. With a little knowledge, you can pick out more of snapshots. We give you a few useful tips.
Put the Object in the Right Light
Good lighting is essential to provide the chip of your Smartphone camera with enough information. Also a 16 MP camera benefits you little, if you are shooting in the dark. Often made photos for Instagram in situations, where the lighting conditions are not optimal, such as at concerts. To take a picture that is not too grainy and dark, is often difficult. If the background light will not be, sufficient to make your photo object appear clear, you can counterbalance this disadvantage with apps such as night cam, ProCapture or slow shutter cam.
Image Division and Background Note
Against a troubled backdrop are rarely good photos – unless the atmosphere is exactly the same and should be presented as such. If you want to photograph a person, it is usually advisable, if no other people on the screen can be seen. To achieve this, you might want to choose an unusual perspective, something from the bottom. At the same time, you should keep but in the back of the head that always the photos as beautiful are perceived, which is gedrittelt Hintergrund. If you shoot for example a person on the beach, the sand should occupy only the lower third of the picture, while the two upper thirds of the background is determined by water and the horizon.
Finishing: Less is More
There are now countless apps that will facilitate you the fast post-processing of images for social networks such as Instagram. Indeed many amateur photographers often overwhelmed by the many options, which offer these apps. Make sure to use only the basic filter – normally such as for contrast and saturation and this also only gently. Because finally the photo should reflect the moment in which it was made; This goal is often missed when an excessive post-production.

  • If you want to enhance your photos for Instagram, you wanted to note a few basics of photography
  • This includes for example, to make sure before taking on an adequate illumination of the object
  • This is not the case, you can help after with photo applications, which have been developed especially for this purpose
  • A quiet background, which appears also gedrittelt, is a good basis for a successful snapshot
  • Uses during post processing especially the default filters for contrast and color saturation, but don’t overdo it