Instagram Now Also For Windows 10 Mobile Available

The Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile is there: after the app of photo community long for Android, iOS and Windows phone is available, now includes a version for smartphones with Microsoft’s latest Smartphone operating system Windows 10 Mobile will appear. These include, for example, the Lumia 950, the Lumia 950 XL and the Lumia 650. But is the Windows app Instagram is not yet the final version.
In the Windows store from Microsoft, a beta of the Instagram app for Windows is released 10 mobile as Windows Central reported. During data entry, it is indeed a pre-release version, but can be downloaded by all users and mobile installed on Smartphones with Windows 10. Even if the app apart from the compatibility to the device software contains some more new products, users must expect restrictions.
Instagram Beta Has Still Teething
So, about some known bugs in the current issue of Instagram are listed in the ChangeLog. These include, for example, problems with the login via Facebook and the “share” function. Also it should be 10 mobile occasional crashes and general stability problems with “creative processes” in the Instagram app for Windows.
Instagram Now Also For Windows 10 Mobile Available
Instagram hopes for further development on the use of the tester: the current beta it is enough to shake the Smartphone, to provide feedback to the developers. Still, there is however no information about when the final version of the Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile will be completed.