Inspired by Their Looks

It is not today that torn jeans are successful, but in recent months, she has turned into a darling item in the wardrobe of the famous, you can repair. And do not think that it only appears in more disheveled looks! It is also possible to assemble very neat productions with the piece. Do you want to see it?
Well, he thought of ripped jeans, he thought of casual look! And that’s what the celebs bet on: they combined the piece with boots, sweats, sneakers and leather jackets. Remember that the folded bar gives the impression that the legs are smaller. If you’re short, you can skip this part, okay?
Whoever is more daring can play without fear in the traits. One option is to use many, but many even, throughout the length of the leg-there it is best to leave them more closed to balance. Another alternative is to invest in a few but large openings. Tip: the more skin on the show, the thicker your leg will look.
Even those who like more dressy looks can adhere to the trend! Just combine the jeans with the right pieces. Try a shirt or a smoother fabric blouse, a heeled sandal or a scarf, a blazer, and of course go in the most classic bijou.
You know what’s cooler? You can customize your own jeans according to your style. Why not try on those old pants lost in the back of the closet?