How to Wear Cropped Pants

Cropped pants is a simple and elegant piece of clothing which integrates the main collections of sets. Is the ideal piece to create multiple looks and different styles, because it gives a special charm. The cut of these pants can be straighter, wide or very fair. The idea is to choose the most appropriate court, in accordance with the physique of each person and the occasion.
Although it is quite versatile, the cropped pants should be used taking into account some tips, because when used incorrectly it will harm your visual. Check out here some tips.

  1. Start by choosing the model and color cropped pants. Advantage of a fairer piece, calling cropped skinny, opt for a shirt wider so as to combine fair and the best way.
  2. Chosen the shirt, it’s time to choose the shoes ideas. Please note that the cropped pants, to be above the ankle, will give idea of shorter legs. That’s why she must be combined with a high heels. Here the options are many and range from Sandals to pumps to thin beak.
  3. For slender women, bearing in mind that the size of the leg won’t be as impactful on the look, you can opt for sneakers, slippers or even oxfords.
  4. If the look is for a day’s work, you can add this combination a blazer and even replace the large blouse for a shirt with straight trim. In this case, the model Oxford Shoes help to compose a more formal look.