How to Use Jogging Pants

Modern and comfortable, the jogging pants is one of the latest fashion trends. Although doing quite successfully, she is not so easily combine as it seems, even that can be used in the most diverse ways.
When we talk of jogging pants can be thought of in a more sporty look, but we can also get a little glamour, playing with other pieces of clothing. Elegant and versatile, fall super well in various occasions. These pants can be used in more formal days or informal events, during the day or even at night.
This trend had your home with the sweatpants for women and your call sports lot. Began to emerge the conjugations with high heels and other more delicate parts.

  1. Choose the most appropriate jogging pants to your look of the day-to-day. These pants have a bar wrapped in elastic in the leg, which can be longer or shorter according to the intended. The fabric of his own piece is more fluffy and exists in various fabrics: silk, linen or viscose.
  2. Having your jogging pants chosen for a more casual look of the day-to-day, combine with a looser, with trim straight, in a very light fabric.
  3. Combining the look with a flat sandals or even a shoe.
  4. For a night look opt for a more sophisticated model of jogging pants and combine with a silk blouse. Choose a high heels to compose the final model. To get a touch more sexy, opt for a shorter pants model, leaving view the ankles, and combine with pumps of very high heels.