How to Unlock My Android? I Forgot My Pattern of the Main Screen

The Android operating system, protects the owner of unauthorized use of your phone through several screen lock options. An option, the lock by default, allows the user to draw a unique pattern of 4-9 points in a square grid of nine points. The system allows thousands to hundreds of thousands of combinations. It also leaves much room for error for the forgetful. If you forget the pattern you have options to get back to your phone.
According to, the standard Android lock system gives you five chances to hit your standard before blocking for 30 seconds. The lock will give you your first choice to ignore the default, so you can also use the required number of guesses your pattern. First, try to clean the head of the conscious will to remember the default, then try the default through muscle memory, that is, the repeated movement you’ve made several times. If that doesn’t work, try to draw as many points as you definitely remember, and, if you happen to work, change the default in the settings.

Register with Your Google Account
If exhaust their five attempts and you don’t want to keep trying, you can use the Gmail account associated with the phone number to login. Tap “forgot pattern” on the screen after it becomes blocked. Type the user name of the Gmail account you have linked to your phone, as well as the password. Tap “Enter” the display will change to a grid of nine points and will request the creation of a new standard. Drag your finger on at least four spots on the grid. Touch “continue”. Draw the same pattern again, and then click “Confirm”.
Access Gmail without Password
Suppose you forgot the login password of your Gmail account. If you want to ignore the default block, you will have to reset your Gmail password. Access by a computer the Gmail site click “I can’t access my account?” at the bottom of the login form. On the next page, enter your Gmail user name and choose to answer a security question pre-determined or have the password reset link sent to a predetermined email address. Enter and confirm your new password, then enter your Gmail user with the new password on your phone.
In most cases, you do not need to take the phone to an authorized maintenance and you can do the unlock without too much difficulty. It is important that you always keep all your accounts up to date, as well as ways to recover them, not to go through a tightening of these and end up running out of your mobile device for a few days.