How to Replace a Half Trousers by Cuissardes

Cuissardes is the name for the famous high boots, in the region in the knees. They are one of the most daring footwear fashion, which ends up leaving most people afraid to use and create a visually exaggerated and vulgar. However, if they are used with common sense they become great allies for the surrogate and style perfect for a half pants. Check out some tips and learn how to replace half trousers by cuissardes and let your look more fashion.

  1. The cuissardes are also commonly called boots over the knee (above the knees) and are so famous for replacing pantyhose in productions with miniskirts, shorts and short dresses, leggings and skinny pants. Although medium or long dresses and skirts can be used in some situations, this is not the type of combination recommended in the fashion world.Ideally, the skirt, dress or short used to match the cuissarde let at least a few centimeters of skin on display. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with this footwear is cover your Launchpad with part of the outfit. This takes away any style and natural sensuality of the boot.
  2. When it comes to cuissardes, the biggest question is about who can use it to replace the stockings. This type of boot is perfect for the taller and thin. But most of those who can use it, is the environment to opt for it. Because they are boots full of attitude, it is important to be careful in the environment in which they will use it.In addition, the greater the height of the boot, the less you will look. This type of boot also creates impression of thicker legs, so it is more recommended for who is lean and, especially, have thin legs.
  3. The height of the pipe should be chosen taking into account the height of each person. The more little ones can opt for this style of boot, although it is not recommended to replace it by the tights, but use in conjunction. In these cases, worth combine boot with tights the same color or tone similar pants. This helps to create the effect of continuity and long torso silhouette.In general, the cuissardes can override the socks pants because they are also pieces for use in the cold. The models can be without heel or with heels ranging in size and should never be used in the workplace, which calls for more formal production.