How to Remove Small Scratches from Your Cell Phone?

Cell phones suffer a lot of abuse for use in day to day, from being rubbed against my car keys in my Pocket until falling on the sidewalk. It’s a miracle they last so long after so many tests of endurance. For many users of cell phones, it’s hard to keep a cell phone for a while without scratching your screen. Many smartphones have very large screens, and each scratch causes you to run the risk of losing the visibility of the screen of your device.
Now, if your smartphone screen is scratched by small scratches or other major, before buying a new screen, we can consider a homemade methodology to try to lessen or even remove the problem.

How to Remove Small Scratches from Your Cell Phone?
Turn off the phone and cover all their parts with masking tape, leaving the discovery screen. Preferably, remove the battery and all the accessories from the appliance.
Clean the screen with a clean, damp Microfiber cloth as suggested by Allow the device to dry completely in well ventilated environment. By no means use heat to try to dry the device faster.
Place a small amount of Polish car with a clean Microfiber cloth. Rub in a small circular pattern on the screen of your phone, very gentle and let it dry. Go real slow and if it finds that there is some grain of dirt on the screen, stop immediately and take the grain, or you run the risk of causing more scratches on your phone. This process usually takes about 5 minutes.
Use a Microfiber cloth to clean gently the polisher. Use small circular movements, shaking the cloth frequently to get rid of the excess wax, removing the masking tape at the end.
Just use car polishers. Some polishes are made for significant restorations and are very powerful and can damage your screen.
Many sites will suggest other techniques, including the use of toothpaste and even screw your appliance. This methodology we spent here was the only one tested and that really worked.
What to Do If the Scratches on the Mobile Screen Persist?
The cheapest way to solve the problem of mobile will be buying a screen protector that helps hide minor scratches. Now, if the problem persists, the way will be change the screen of the device. In the case of fabrics “glued” on the glass shield, you have to change the two together, which is a little pricey and can compensate for more swap the device with a new one. In the case of separate front protective glass screens, the Exchange can be cheaper.
The tip that is right is that you buy a protective film the moment you buy the phone and a protective dust cap, thus preventing falls and objects can scratch your device and thus, leaving you with a much prettier appearance longer.