How to Organize Mini Wedding? Step-by-step

You want to do an intimate wedding and for few people? Then bet on the mini wedding.
Learn How to organize mini wedding, whereas the essential items that can not miss on this type of event. Here you will see some good tips on how to choose location, invitations, decorations, menu, lighting, among other factors.
The mini wedding is a wedding trend that’s here to stay. This is a party organized to receive few guests, i.e. a maximum of 100 people. In this way, the friendship becomes more intimate, personalized and cheap.
In the “minicasamento” there is no such history to invite distant relatives or acquaintances. The guest list is drawn up very carefully, considering only the friends and close relatives. Another differentiator of the event is that it allows you to customize the details more easily, after all, there aren’t that many expenses to accommodate the guests.

How to organize mini wedding?

The House & Party drafted a step by step of How to organize mini wedding. Check out:


The mini wedding gives opening to guests on a bold and surprising place, as a historical building, a Museum, a charming restaurant or the cover of a building. You can also choose a location even more intimate for the ceremony and party, as is the case in the backyard of a house or a place. Anyway, the choice of the ideal place must take into account the budget and the number of guests.


The wedding invitations should be sent in advance, so that the guests have time to plan for the event. As for the model, there is no absolute rule, it all depends on the style of the mini wedding. A wedding with more rustic footprint, for example, combines with invitation of ecologic paper and envelope of jute.


The menu should take into consideration the preferences of the couple and the guests. The buffets offer different services for this type of event, such as the Cocktail Party, which serves drinks and canapés, and souper cocktail, which includes hot dishes like pasta and risotto.
The American service is a good option for weddings with a maximum of 100 people, after all, put the dishes in the main table and the guests they serve at will. If the wedding is a little more chic, the bride and groom can bet in French service, which features waiters to serve the guests with more formality.


The drinks are indispensable for a good wedding party. The amounts per person are: 4 cans of beer, champagne bottle .5, 3 special drinks per person. In the case of whiskey, 4 bottles are enough for 100 people. Consider assembling a corner to bar at the party, complete with bartender.

Cake and candy

The wedding cake needs to reflect the personality of the hosts and match the style of the party. A more rustic event, for example, combines with a naked cake . Already the jams must be mounted with very whim, including bem-casados, cupcakes, chocolates, truffles, macarons, among other items. The optimum amount of sweets is 5 per person.


Mini wedding decoration must be more intimate, customized and capable of appreciating every detail. Worth betting on candles, flowers, ornamental plants, and more able to contribute with a romantic atmosphere. Just be careful with the height of the arrangement of the tables, after all, he could never get in the way of vision or the conversation among the guests.


To leave the marriage with a more Romanesque, worth perfect lighting. Use candles, lanterns and even torches (if it’s an outdoor ceremony). If the event happens in the ouse, hire a professional Illuminator, because he will know how to use the light Board to deal with the spotlight, without spoiling the residence.


The music is an essential factor for the mini wedding. The bride and groom can develop a collaborative playlist on Spotify for guests to take suggestions from hits that want to hear at the party. Consider hiring a good DJ or a band to play live.

Party favors

Worth investing creativity and commitment in the souvenirs of mini wedding. Create a custom treat, that is useful, beautiful or tasty. It should tell you a bit about the history of the couple or enhance the features of the personalities of the hosts. Consider creating an item made by hand, valuing the wave DIY (Do It Yourself).
And there? Got any questions about How to organize mini wedding? Leave a comment. Don’t forget to draw up a list of preparations so you don’t forget any important item.