How to Make Free Calls?

With fierce competitiveness between the mobile operators in Brazil and increasing demands by Anatel, the quality of the connections and of the plans has a tendency to improve. Today many cheap options customers make calls at low or no cost that is even difficult to choose the best plan to make and receive calls.
The operator TIM with your Infinity plan prepaid comes out ahead, with calls to TIM costing only R$0,25 and R$0,50, only sites with fixed time limit. In some places in Brazil, the quality of the links TIM suffers a bit, but it’s something the search operator soon resolve, because the FCC is up there with all your requisitions and taxes.

The other carriers as Alive, Claro and Hi, responded to this tactic in a less aggressive. Practically all they give refills bonus to customers or make connections to mobile operator’s own cheaper. Oi postpaid plans allows including fixed connections to fixed free of charge.
What is important to remember here is that all carriers are a very low value for calls between mobile phones from the same company. Therefore, when choosing a plan, see what are the mobile phones to which you call and try to know what are the operators that their friends more use, to choosing the best and most cost-effective option. The prepaid plans, for the most part, are the best and cheapest promotions, including free calls in some cases too.
Now, for those who have internet access or a mobile phone with a 3 g data plan, you have a few options of programs that can give you up to 30 minutes of free calls to landlines. Below is a small list of programs that you can use on your computer or on your phone and the advantages of some of them:

  • Fring – your friend does not need to be registered to receive calls from Fring;
  • Skype – the most famous VoIP program, has a price too much for international calls;
  • Talky-you get 30 minutes to speak with landlines daily;
  • Viber – much like Sky
  • Freakom-up to one minute sponsored links, being only necessary to you to listen to an ad for 24 seconds before. For now, only available to the Company of Londrina in Paraná;
  • TellFree – up to 10 minutes per call, unlimited;
  • Click pay phone – up to 2 minutes per call, unlimited;
  • Evaphone – up to 2 free calls to landlines and mobiles;
  • YoLlamoGratis – up to 3 free daily links 5 minutes to landlines;
  • I Call Free! -up to 3 free daily links 5 minutes to landlines;
  • Gizmocall – until 5 minutes a day if you are registered for landlines;
  • Jaxtr
  • Voipraider
  • Justvoip
  • Voipcheap
  • VoipBuster

While in Brazil options like Google Voice, which makes free calls to phones in the United States, are not yet available, we have several options that can remedy this lack. Some of them are free, which also is not a problem due to the lower values of the bindings. What consumers should be aware of is that with the amount of options available, it’s easier to get the best quality or that best meets your needs for greater economy and comfort in time to make calls to friends and loved ones.