How to Make a Heavy Backpack Lighter

SCHOOL BACKPACK TOO HEAVY – have prepared the backpack, you stuck in every book, the diary, notebooks and anything else that may be useful to you, then stick it on his shoulders to go …. And look who took the specific weight of the lead! If you happened to be forced to walk so bizarre to overcome the force of gravity and don’t get dragged on the ground from your backpack (at the risk of being stretched out like a turtle flipped on his shell) then you need some advice to better prepare your chart and to wear it without having back problems!
HEAVY BACKPACK TIPS – Keep shouldering a backpack too heavy can cause back pain and in fact can also lead to problems in posture. To avoid this it is important to choose the right backpack and follow the advice that we offer on here and Aparentingblog.
-First of all, if you’re buying a new backpack, you should know that it is best to take it hard and padded backrest, with the seat belt to fasten in life and with an internal division in various sectors. These are things that help to download and organize the weight better. You can even choose a backpack with wheels, trolley type so you don’t have to carry it on his shoulders but you can drag it ashore.

-As regards preparation, however, remember to put the books and heavier things attached to the backrest. Then you can add things gradually getting lighter.
-Remember not to keep the Backpack on one shoulder alone: always wear both straps, which must be adjusted to the right length (the bottom of the backpack should not reach you below your hips!).
-Wearing the backpack without lifting in a hurry! To avoid trauma to the back is better if you lift the handle, lay it on your desk or on your desk with the straps facing towards you, you turn back and stick your braces without bending back the back and without rotating the trunk.
-When you have finished preparing the backpack stay awhile and think about what you put into it: are all things you need or is there something more that you can leave at home? If you can take away what you don’t need, so avoid bringing unnecessary weight!