How to Keep Shoes Perfect

How do you preserve over time the beauty of a couple of pumps of paint? Here are 11 tricks very easy to apply to your favorite shoes. You can find more tricks on

  1. Quality first. The first step to ensure the durability of a pair of shoes is to invest in models made and packed with high quality materials.
  2. Protect the soles. The first place to wear occurs, of course, are the soles. You can stretch the life by applying removable adhesive protectors.
  3. Use the spray waterpoof. Suede and leather are very delicate materials if in contact with moisture. Use a protective spray before wearing them and repeat in cycles, especially in the winter months.
  4. Keep the shape. Use wooden blocks to keep the original shape of the shoe and avoid skin break in stress points.Also the wood absorbs sweat and moisture perfectly, leading causes of aging and the onset of unpleasant odours.
  5. Fill them with newspaper. If you’re not going to invest in several forms in wood you can still use as padding the pelleted newspaper. Don’t be afraid to push it, the more you put into every single internal curve, the better will be the maintenance.
  6. Put them away from dust. If you are the fortunate mistress of a pair of shoes, anxious to keep them protected from dust, when put in the Shoe cabinet, putting them in a fabric bag with drawstring. Alternatively you can use a fabric cushion cover.
  7. Keep it in a dry place. Shoes + Moisture = Disaster. Find a place in your home that is always cool and dry.
  8. Don’t always wear the same pattern. We know you’re obsessed with your new pair of bootie, but if you continue to wear it every day, will eventually become old and ruined before time. The advice is to try wearing no more than two days in a row the same pair by spinning the other models in the shoe cabinet.
  9. Shiny leather shoes. Might sound like a practice by grandmothers, but know that the skin polished buy immediately the benefits of an amazing facelift. In addition, you can easily detect scratches and polishing small defects that remedy.
  10. Use the shoe horn. Have a problem wearing them every morning? Harder and more ruin on the back of the heel and heel. With the shoehorn do less fatigue and prevent premature aging of your love.
  11. Replace the thick soles. If the soles are starting to look next to the scrap heap, you must run from the shoemaker to make them fit. More consumption and more the effect of wear will be predominant, compromising the value.