How to Get A Virus from Cell Phone?

If a phone is acting erratically or some commands do not have an answer, it is possible that your device has a virus. A cell phone with a virus may fail to make phone calls, hang up in your own applications or close them unexpectedly, and this can be frustrating.
Most basic phones don’t run the risk of virus, while the more advanced phones, such as smartphones or tablets are more susceptible to viruses for mobile phones, due to their operating systems. The more complex the phone, the more opportunities you have to contract a virus.

Fortunately, you can remove a virus from a cell phone and return it to perfect condition with a few simple steps with
Identify the Threat
Note and check the symptoms of your phone that makes you believe that a virus has infected the device. Be as specific as possible. Include what you were doing on the phone when the symptoms of the virus appeared, and a list of all recent changes or downloads that you made on the device and make a note of any error messages that appear on your cell phone.
Locate the make and model of your device. These can be found on the back of the phone, under the battery on a label or in a part of the settings of your device where it says “phone information”.
Look for the error message or symptoms the device model number and the cell phone manufacturer’s website or the website of your mobile phone service provider. Search on the internet which may be happening. In most cases, it’s not a virus, but a program that may be in conflict with your appliance.
Back Up Personal Information
Download a backup or a synchronization program for your device. These are available from the device manufacturer or the cell phone service provider. There are applications in the various shops on the internet that offer programs that do this automatically.
Perform a backup of your contacts, photos, music and videos. Save these items to a memory card or a USB cable to a computer that is not infected with a virus and is working properly. Make sure all the important items were copied without a problem.
Get Rid of Virus
You can download a free anti-virus program for your phone or, if you don’t, you may return your device to factory settings. With the anti-virus program, you just do a basic scan of your system and wipe your phone infections. If that doesn’t work, the best solution is to go in the settings of your phone and look for the option to return to factory settings.
This means that all applications, contacts, photos and music will be deleted. But if you backed up, that won’t be a problem, because you will only have to restore the data that was deleted.
Test your device after this restoration, primarily with the applications that were giving problem. If the symptoms come back after adding a specific file can be that this file is corrupt and will be your main problem.
And take some care to this does not happen again: only download programs and pictures from reliable sources. Read all opinions on the applications before downloading them. If you call for technical support, use a different phone from the infected. Make a constant backup of your phone to not be on hand.