How to Ensure a Carnival Avoiding Noises for Pet?

Posted by Dog citizen in 16/Feb/2017-
By Christhiani, student of Citizen Dog.

With the arrival of the Carnival, many people already plan the revelry, whether traveling or at home with the family together. With the planning arises the question: take or not take the pet? And how to make him comfortable at this time that can be shaken too much for the more sensitive and not so accustomed to loud noises?
First of all, it is important to analyze if the your dog is very sensitive to certain stimuli and noises. Some dogs, change of behavior upon hearing noises, Thunder and even objects falling to the ground. A very sensitive dog can shake, hide or attempt to flee when faced with some noise too high.
To avoid this kind of situation, you can train your dog so that he get used to noises and thus associate them in a positive way.
Putting the desensitization in practice
If your pet is very sensitive to the sound of balloons or fires, for example, you can write or even seek videos on the internet that have that specific sound. Some cases also can be trained with the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and use common objects in our everyday lives.
The presentation of this sound should always be done gradually in order to avoid that the dog be alarmed, beginning always with very low volume.
When the sound start, reward it at the same time with snacks or with a lively romp. Remembering that the snack has to be something that he’s very interested, because the purpose of this exercise is to associate the sound to something really nice and pleasurable for him.
Over time, gradually increase the volume, always associating something very nice for him, like snacks, toys and animated treats right after the stimulus.
If you realize that by increasing the volume the dog got so wound up, rewind the training and decrease the volume until it feels comfortable. You will know if your dog is responding well to training, to hear the sound he is until you in search of the bounty. If it is not already well accepting the reward, is a sign that that noise still bothering you.
This training must be done with a lot of patience and sensitivity. Don’t be in a hurry. Train slowly, so that the dog doesn’t stay stressed.
Traveling with pet
Those who prefer to take the pet to travel along with the family, even those who are already accustomed to take a friend to travel using a seat belt in the back seat, it is interesting to take a transport box, because it will serve as a den or “refuge” for your dog feel safe away from home.
Besides taking the basic pet items, such as rations, the walks, the snacks, the vaccination, the toys and the water, try using a little sign of identification with your phone, so, everyone will be more secure.