How to Configure Your New Cell Phone! Basic Tips!

There’s something interesting about getting a new cell phone. If it’s your first phone or simply an update to the latest version, with better technology, taking your phone out of the box is a very exciting event. In this time of excitement, it is important that you organize to set up your new phone and start taking advantage of it.
Assembly of the New Cell Phone
Mount your new phone, inserting the battery by placing the chip of your carrier and closing the lid, if applicable. Connect your phone on the charger and charge the battery fully. The charging time depends on the phone model. Forget that story that the phone has to stay a whole day carrying or stuff like that. Always take care not to let the cargo pass below 50%, for better management of the battery life. Depending on your new device, you may need to change the SIM card, but this can easily be done in any store of your carrier.

Reading the Manual
While your new cell phone is loading, take some time to read the manual of the device on, whether online or on paper. See what the warranty covers, how to configure it, among other things, that will be important during the first few uses.
Calling the Cell Phone for the First Time
Follow the instructions on the screen. These instructions may ask you to log in with a pre-existing account, activate your internet connection or just enter some identifying information. We recommend that you have your wi-fi connected, if the cell phone has internet connection, and keep a computer connected to the internet during the process, if it is necessary that you do register on some website to enter your information in the new phone, such as Android phones, where it is necessary to use a Google account as login.
Activation and Configuration of the Device for Data Packets and Multimedia Messages (MMS)
To do the activation of some services of the device, please contact your operator on the other phone and request the information to configure your device. Typically, this is done by the operator menu that becomes available on the device or by a message requesting the configuration. We remind you that for enabling data packets, the user must have made the purchase or have the service available for the plan of the appliance. MMS already just need the configuration by the user with the contact with the operator.
General Phone Settings
You should now configure call tones, add contacts, edit phone profiles, configuring the wi-fi networks to which you will connect the device, transfer files that you need for the memory of the appliance, put plastic covers and protectors, configure wired or accessories that connect to the Bluetooth device, configure user accounts and the synchronization details and so on. Note that the manual will show how to do each of these settings, and thus, help you get the most out of your appliance.
Download and Configure the Best Apps for Your Smartphone
After the whole setup, it’s time to start taking advantage of your new appliance, lowering the best applications. Here in our blog we’ve done some lists of applications that are essential to your new handset. It is important that you test multiple applications to find those that best serve your needs, because no list takes into account your personal tastes. Make tests, download programs, applications and games, and so, I take the most out of your smartphone.