How to Clean a Suede Jacket

The face is a very nice and elegant but especially expensive fabric. And when it comes to confronting a cleaning process, it should be very clear what you can and what you can’t, since it is a very special and delicate fabric. In this article from, we are going to give you some recommendations for the maintenance and cleaning of your suede jacket, so the passage of time will not dent in this special garment.

  1. Before I explain the right way to clean a suede jacket, must take into account that this type of fabric is very porous. This means that it absorbs all kinds of substances and is very easy that it stained with dust, a little water, any friction, etc. Let’s say that it is very likely to end up stained tissue.
  2. Care that always requires a suede jacket is a good brushing so not it uncombed. There are brushes for this task. If it is just for a daily maintenance brushing, brush should be soft, but if you want to remove for example any stain dry, then use one hard. Also, to remove a spot you must use is in contradiction of the hair and if you want to comb through the fabric, using it in the sense of the hair.
  3. Suede with the passage of time it becomes bright and gets dirty much. If your jacket has no stains, with a rubber cleaner specific will be as new. Gums are a few essential cleaning accessories for Suede, are flexible and do not mistreat the tissue. To clean your jacket with such products, just rub a little as if it were a pencil eraser.
  4. If your jacket has more serious stains will be when using special cleaners whose formula contains solvents and cleansing base. Are you must dilute in a container a bit of this formula with double its volume in lukewarm water and then rub the area with a hard brush well soaked mixture.

Then rinse the brush well and rub again until there is no foam. And now you should just let it dry completely.
In the end, comb the fabric with a hard brush in the direction of the hair.

  1. After the cleaning process of your suede jacket, it is applying a renovator of suede. Such products are for clean, give colour and waterproof fabrics such. They assure you a perfect finish.
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You need

  • Daily use soft brush
  • Stiff brush for dry spots
  • Paste specific cleaner
  • Warm water
  • Special cleaners containing solvents
  • Renewing before