How to Clean a Linen Jacket

Linen is a very special fabric is a natural fiber that requires particular care to ensure that you keep in perfect condition. It is the ideal garment for summer, fresh, comfortable, flexible and feel great but it requires special attention.
In this blog, you will learn How to clean a linen jacket to keep it in great condition. Takes note of the steps to follow!

  1. First of all, to know How to clean a linen jacket you must look on the label of the jacket to see which washing instructions argues the manufacturer, since sometimes the linen should be washed in dry.

If you can clean jacket machine, which is not at temperature above 40 degrees, since the linen may shrink, and in addition, it is recommended to put the garment in a special for delicate fabrics bag.

And if possible, before washing, look if your garment of linen color fastness, putting it in contact with water.

  1. To clean your linen jacket uses SOAP for delicate garments, thus you will ensure not to damage your clothing ahead of time.

If you have to use bleach to remove any complex stain on your white jacket, do so, but rinses quickly. Although tissue tolerates it, it is not convenient to leave to act much as the bleach usually damaged materials, especially in the case of flax.
Use also starch in your wash, because thus the linen wrinkle less.

  1. To clean a linen jacket is not recommended to use the spin, the best thing is that as soon as you finish your wash cycle the washer, you can make the jacket and look there is no other SOAP. If so, rinse the garment well before drying.
  2. Once your linen jacket is clean, to retain their whiteness and its appearance, it is that is dry in the open air by hanging it on a hanger so that it does not warp. If you want to iron your garment, better be wet.
  3. Now you know How to clean a linen jacket , but if your closet is filled with another type of jackets that require special, unComo care also help to clean them. For example, you will learn How to clean a leather jacket or a suit jacket to clean.
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You need

  • SOAP for delicate garments.
  • Bleach.
  • Starch.
  • Bag for delicate garments.


  • Do not bleach natural linen or with embroidery, tissue is would spoil.