How to Buy on Ebay

Ebay became a phenomenon of e-commerce. The prices were what made this site a great success.
You will find just about anything on ebay: clothing, electronics, beauty items, hats, jewelry, stationery, items to scrapbook, wooden spoons, table, bed, bath, cover for mobile, toys (including “figurines”).Common and uncommon things.
It has absolutely everything you can think of!
Ebay is a platform that aggregates multiple vendors from all over the world! He appeared in 1995 with this proposal for a “global platform” of e-commerce. A lot of people play and says it’s like a “free market” (Brazilian site).
Probably heard about someone who bought on ebay. The site brings a quick guide on andyeducation. For those who love shopping.

How are Purchases on Ebay?

On ebay you can buy in two ways-to buy (buy it now) or by auction (Place bid). In the first case, the value is already set, the buyer pays and ready! Now, in the second case, buying by auction, the buyer makes an offer to purchase (a bid). At the auction, several buyers can give your bid until the end of the auction period. As in any auction, who offer the greatest value, take the product! A good portion of buyers like to buy direct.

For a Safe Purchase on Ebay

Create the registration is the first step for those who want to buy on ebay, with all the basic information: name, email address, password, register by PayPal account.
To buy, the user must have an account on PayPal and international credit card. Ebay is international.
For those who don’t know, Paypal is a service for financial transactions that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. In this way, the user who buys does not need to provide the information of the card. This is indicated by experienced buyers to secure shopping.
There are other forms of payment, but this is indicated as one of the safest.

How to Buy on Ebay?

Now comes the good part. Just the word (product) in the search box at the top of the page. So, will appear a list of products. You need to carefully read the description of each that appears, even if the product is delivered in Brazil (“Shipping and Payments”) and if there are any freight value.
Now is the important part: analyzing the reputation of the seller. Ebay has a seller’s rating system that tells you the percentage of positive feedback (“Positive feedback”) and, also, their feedback comments from people who have already bought. Note the opinion of people who have done transactions with the seller. Review all this.
If you have any questions (product, shipping, description) send a message to the seller and clarify everything. Do not buy with no doubt. Generally, sellers respond fast, with a maximum of 2 days.
After all this, just buy, pay and go!

The Shipment of the Goods

There are vendors that provide “tracking number” (tracking number of the goods). But many vendors do not offer the tracking number, especially to girls and goods very cheap. The time of receipt of goods can vary greatly. Generally 30-40 days.

Ebay Collection

The collection comes in the credit card registered with PayPal, on the international purchases. There is the presentation of the dollar values and actual conversion (usually the date of closure of the card). And, also, the collection of 6.38% IOF (tax on financial transactions). For all international purchases for this collection.

Buyer Protection Policy (Buyer Protection)

There is how to solve problems on purchases. Suddenly, the product isn’t enough, it’s not the expected or broken … For all these cases, the buyer may use the protection of the buyer (“Buyer protection”) and open a case (“open case”). In this case, opening the buyer shall submit the problem to the vendor and they both arrive at a consensus on the solution. If there is consensus, ebay will refund the buyer. But beware the protection policy is valid within 45 days from the purchase. There is usually the seller’s interest in solving the problem quickly because the “opening a case” influences in the classification the reputation of the seller on ebay.
Have you bought on ebay? Do you know anyone who bought? How was the experience? Comment!