How to Buy Floor Tile

Learn How to Buy Flooring and Tiles

The section of flooring and coatings is divided into pieces to be applied on the floor and wall, and some items may have both utilities. To find out the function of the product, they are identified by a label. For walls, we have the tiles , which are now called “Coatings”. Also, we have tracks, pads and mosaics. As for the ground there are floors, porcelain, tozetos and thresholds. On the blog, you find all the materials and accessories you need to make your project.

Products for Floors

There are two types of flooring products: the ceramic and porcelain tiles. The difference in production is that the porcelain is made with a mixture of porcelain and some minerals. Since the ceramic is produced by a type of clay and minerals. The porcelain tile practically does not absorb water and is a very sturdy product. In the case of the ceramic floor, its resistance can be evaluated by a characteristic called EIP, ranging from zero to five. The higher the number, the resists traffic is the floor. And attention! The porcelain does not have PEI!


There are also differences in finishing the edges of the products. Some are rectified, known as “straight edge” and others are bolds, known as “rounded edge”. The straight edge allows for smaller spaces between the settled product (about 2 mm), while the rounded edge leaves more apparent grout (about 5 mm). Furthermore, there are ceramic tiles and porcelain which are anti-slip and are identified by an adhesive.


For applying coatings, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are needed for fixing mortar, spacer to define joint and grouting to the finish.


– Exactly know the measurements of the space where floors and coatings will be applied.
– Each model has a different size, so look for a sales advisor to assist you in the calculation.
– With variations that simulate wood, burnt cement, and other stones textures, flooring and coatings can today also be applied in entrance halls, outside fireplace, only walls in living rooms and bedrooms, as well as leisure and barbecue areas.