How to Buy Apps on the iPhone?

Until recently, the App Store not brazilian offered games for Brazil. It was thanks to our bureaucracy on the question of age ratings for games. Now, the thing is different and it is possible to make purchases in the App Store brazilian, without having to do the tricks and tricks to gain access to several of your favorite games for the App Store.
The first step to be able to make the purchase is to create an Apple ID or login using an existing account. You must have a valid email address to be able to do this use. So, you can customize your Apple Store, saving items that interest you and even make a shopping cart. Your ID also will allow you to buy and download apps from the App Store, register your Apple products and access support for the products by AppleCare. To create Apple ID can be made on the Apple Store Web site itself.

With your account ready, you need to log in to the site and then go to the home page of your account. From there, you will click on a link to change your payment information. In this link you put information about the credit card that you want to use to buy applications from the App Store.
Done the register, filled everything correctly, you can now purchase on the App Store any Apple device that has access to the store and Apple products directly from the website. It is important to remember that the security of your account has to be very well made, especially one that accepts credit cards. We recommend that only you have access to this account, as have been reported problems with people to leave mobile phones with kids and they ended up buying more than they should.
Enjoy the games and applications purchased and enjoy!