How Long Do I Have to Load A New Cell Phone?

Your cell phone is constantly without battery? This is a great reality in today’s smartphones. You can make your phone battery last longer with a few easy tips. Many cellular manuals say to leave the cell by pressing for a certain amount of hours on the first use is required. It is not so true: it’s much more important a good administration of your battery to extend her life, that is born with the days counted.
How Long Do I Have to Load A New Cell Phone?
Basically, even for the most modern batteries of lithium-ion battery, there is no need to charge the phone for a minimum time. However, as the batteries comes standard with a lower load, it is recommended that you leave loading until they reach the maximum load during a time that will vary according to the size of the battery, but that will be displayed by the cell when the charge reaches 100%. However, it is extremely important that you keep these batteries away from heat sources, as this will damage and its useful life.

The legend that these batteries need a “conditioning” before use comes from old batteries Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-Metal hybrid, they needed this kind of conditioning so they could be used for the first time.
Power Drain
If you let your battery runs out often, her ability to absorb and maintain energy decreases. However, when you do it once a week or every 15 days, it actually improves the life of her. So, let the battery discharge completely one to two times per month. Read more on areacodesexplorer.
Don’t Drain Too Much Energy
Lithium batteries of mobile phones have a backup power reserve when the normal power supply was drained. This power reserve is essential to keep the lithium battery operation until can be loaded again. It’s not to keep your phone working even when the power supply is drained.
When a lithium battery is drained and should revert to its energy reserves, runs the risk of dying completely. When you exhaust the battery, do not leave it uncharged for a long period of time, or you will drain the power of lithium to recharge. Even when your phone is not in use, this reserve power is being consumed by the battery. The time that a lithium battery can remain drained varies according to the quality, but it’s generally a bad idea to let a worn battery discharged for more than a day. The sooner it is recharged, the better.
Do Not Overload
Lithium batteries must not be charged more than necessary. This will cause damage to the battery as overcharging and teases her supereaquecimento. Over time, you will experience a significant reduction in energy capacity.
Stop Looking
When you are outside the service area of your phone, you probably will receive a message that says “searching for signal”. If you are outside the service area for any length of time, turn off the phone. The signal will not improve, and your phone will waste precious battery power by constantly looking for a sign that does not exist.
Simplest Cellular Ringtones
Keeping simple touches will greatly help to prolong the life of your battery. In fact, if you are able to hear and respond to simple beep tones, is a great way to keep the load. Using a touch complicated or MP3 really just wastes energy and irritates the people around you.
Turn Off the Vibration
Vibrate is great feature when you are in a place where rings are not suitable. However, when the tap is turned on, the vibration function is generally not required. The vibration function is one of the most energy-consuming your cell phone performs as it requires the battery to give the physical movement for parts.
Turn Off Accessories
When you are not using Bluetooth, GPS, internet or Wi-Fi, turn off these functions from your phone.
Press Less
Avoid leaving your cell phone charge stay far below 50%. A lithium works best when the molecules are constantly stimulated. Loads of less time but more often are better for the battery life than long loads.