How Celebrities Wear Pants Printed

The fashion world is filled with comings and goings of interesting trends, and to conquer our hearts. One of the trends that won the streets and was adopted by many celebrities is the Paisley pants.
Printed Pants
Autumn has arrived, however, in Brazil we still a little heat that is left of the summer. The prints that have been stop pants may vary between numerous patterns, from beautiful flowers to abstract floral, animal print, Leopard or colorful and the snake, the famous and classic prints and mirrored, poás quite large and colorful.
Swap the jeans for a pair emblazoned ‘ hit the bull’s-eye ‘ to want to look modern, fresh and stylish.Check out a selection of celebrities and it-girls who gambled and hit his pants emblazoned and inspired you too!
Amanda Seyfried
The floral print was the choice of actress Amanda Seyfried. A pattern in romantic blossoms gave bossa to look neutral and basiquinho of the actress. Flowers girls with light background are excellent for anyone who is of type mignon, like Amanda.
Olivia Palermo
The it-girl Olivia Palermo played on abstract print with a tye-die style Maillot. To give a more classy to look, Olivia invested in weight parts that bring instant sophistication to look, as the Navy Blue blazer and the pumps with high heels. Note that she opted for the mix of prints when using a pumps with details. Rocked!
Hillary Duff
The actress and singer Hilary Duff hit the nail on the head when betting on print of Leopard with colored background of golden yellow. To make the look even more youthful, soft skull print t-shirt gave bossa to look. Law of compensation: down, up fluffy thing!
Kristen Bell
Actress Kristen Bell also adopted the piece stamped in an event. Notice how a printed pants can function in a more formal event. The actress chose a piece with medium and poás invested in a combination with shirt buttoned to the collar tailoring. The blazer finished the composition and brought even more elegance to the look.
The pop diva Beyoncé didn’t missed the trend, however, the look of the singer didn’t live up to your curvaceous silhouette enviable. The pattern mirrored visually the singer’s hips increased, leaving a horizontal volume effect. Result: she gained weight! The print is very large and brought the main focus for the larger part of the body of the singer.
Miranda Kerr
The model Miranda Kerr was clicked using a look beyond fashion. Miranda bet in a leopard print pants with colored background, a gorgeous blue. Leaving the featured piece, the model invested in neutral colours such as grey, off-white and black.