How about Using a Belt on Your Coat?

If you’re a fan of accessories, how about trying to use a belt over your coat? A stylish way to mark the waist and add some curves to your silhouette, especially if you have a body like hourglass, pear or column. Don’t forget, that the choice of the width of the belt must take into account your body type, but also the volume of the coat, in order to achieve a more balanced proportion. If you have large breasts avoid using wide belts, because they will show more this area of the body.
The Duster
Take the opportunity to use a belt, preferably medium or large, to accentuate your waist and be with a more elegant look. The same tone of the coat, in a neutral color or metallic, choose your favorite model. A good suggestion is to use belts of plain colors with patterns, and vice versa. But don’t forget that the belts of contrasting colors or metallic parts call more attention to the waist area.
The Tweed
The tweed entered the female wardrobe thanks to the fashion designer Coco Chanel, who launched the iconic tweed jacket, being a classic sets to this day. The fabric is originating in the Scottish region of the River Tweed, which was the great textile Centre of the 19th century. Rough texture, the tweed can be made of wool or a blend of other fabrics with colorful patterns. For being a classic Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld modernized model and your way, being a constant presence in their collections to this legendary brand. Choose medium width belts.
The Trench Coat
This lightweight and waterproof piece of fabric is ideal for wearing to the demi-season, when temperatures are already milder, or over a blazer. The great advantage is that the fabric is thinner and does not create as much volume when you add a belt. In a more sporty look, classic, trendy, or even sexy, the belt gives a sleeker silhouette to your raincoat.
The Blazer
A good suggestion to go to an event or even to work. Try using a belt with motifs on a plain blazer, super chic, as in this visual of Olivia Palermo. For a professional look, avoid using the blazer without a play underneath or belts with many applications (stones, glitter, studs, among other material).
The Jacket
Is a basic sets, especially for those who prefer more informal parts. Since the traditional blue jeans jacket to the sports models, use your imagination to use the belt in a different way. With a knot on the end or used only on one side, this accessory is a style note to make your more interesting.
The Cardigan or Cardigan
Very practical and comfortable, the Cardigan is a compulsory piece in your fall wardrobe, as it adapts to your moves and keeps the body warm. Try placing a belt in order to mark the waist and stay with a more casual chic look. In addition, if you replace the mesh belt (which comes with the coat) by a skin, elastic or with patterns will customize your style. Be inspired by these looks for work or weekend.