How about a Peek in the House of 9 Bloggers?

Who has that curiosity to know how is the house of these people who give us tips on decoration, organization, do it yourself, crafts, anyway… everything to increase the beauty of our houses? Everyone, right?
So, you are going to love this post, because besides showing a little of the house of 9 bloggers (and has 1 blogger also in history, see?) Vcs will know a little more about each blog and will get crazy to know better each one of them.
And do not forget to go to each one of them also to see the photos they selected from the environments of each participating blogger (including mine, I will not show here!)
The Nina Braz, this beautiful Curitiba there photo, creator of Tu you organize, already had the toilet, laundry, working corner and this poppet balcony all media  (click to see). Also, with lots of cool projects she did, her house could only be this treat, right? Note the great combination of colors used on the balcony, the details of the tiles, the warmth of the deck and gravel, the trellis for the plants…A delight in little space very well used! The cute of Rafaela Oliveira, the Organize no frills is personal Organizer (plus a degree in product design and graduated post in interior design) and says that this new professional side of the organization began the day he was angry because did not find a blouse that I wanted to wear(I should have made a decision like this because it always happens with me..kkkk!). Still good for us, because her blog and her videos are great! They talk about everything: organization, cleaning, decoration, maternity, make yourself, anyway…And look at her kitchen, people!!! (See more of it here) It’s very top, see?
The Debora Dietrich and Breno Lara are ahead of great Limãonagua. They have a damn good taste in choosing the environments that populate their posts, always original, contemporary and interesting too. They consider the blog a place of inspiration and they do it with care, have you? Up there you see photos of 2 beautiful environments: The living room and the office, which also works as a guest room, super cute and current and well the face of the blog. You know I love gray and yellow, right? So do not say I love it! And the Eames chairs, ah, go!They have abused the right to please me! LOL!
The super clean kitchen with this perfect blue wall is Ana Maria, a Santa Catarina housewife who runs the delicious  Jeito de Casa, where she talks to us as if she were sitting on the sofa in our living room, telling stories of day and day , your discoveries, family and real and virtual friends, a sweet to read and you learn a lot without even realizing! From this lovely kitchen he says he loves “the large, centralized stove where my husband and I can cook side by side without anyone getting stuck against the wall.” Is not it a beautiful one?
It’s from Mariely Del Rei ‘s blog, customizing this room for a unique delicacy in simplicity and choice of colors. And she says”I still have no headboard, lamp and picture! The dresser, bedside table and chair have been restored and the walk-through is on the blog.“Customizing talks about customization (of course) of clothing, accessories and decorating objects, wanting people to learn to save money and even figure out a way to work sustainable and generate a source of extra income. Is not that cool, people? It has fashion, decoration and even creative cooking!!!
MaqueCozinha, he? It is from Gaucho Graziela Lara from Building My House Clean. Now the house is ready and beautiful but you accompany the whole history of the construction, has up to the project and right to tour the house and everything. Bacana goes blog started with her wanting to record all the joys, struggles…that involve the construction of a house. Great tips for anyone who is building. And now she is in the decoration phase and continues to take the readers’ doubts and give hints of everything that lives.
A footprint similar to Building My House Clean is that of Buying My AP   from the owner of this cozy room-Bruna Dalcin, who bought her first apartment at the plant and went to search the Internet for financing information and a thousand bureaucracies that involve the purchase of a In the plant (only those who lived to understand…)…As he did not find anything, he decided to do this huge favor to the world-wonderful tip for anyone who is going through this, see?– There’s also a tour of the apartment in every detail. And there is a lot, but a lot of hint even for buying and remodeling.
The beautiful Isabela Kastrup do Arrumadíssimo has just moved in and this is in the living room”a corner to relax and forget about the outside world. Everything here is very simple, but done and thought with much love and affection“. Made even because your home (the previous one and this one) is like a field of experimentation that she lives by changing and creating and sharing with us . It has many good and economical ideas and many warm environments with affectionate face.
This is the Living Room of the girls of Apezinho, Daniela Pereira, Fernanda Pereira and Gabriela Ornellas. The blog” brings together texts, videos and cool pictures about this important moment in our lives: leaving home… brings several tips to those who have no experience and will fall into the world, but also celebrate the stories of those who have gone through situation and today reminds her with great affection.“- Good tip for you who are there thinking about living alone (0), see?-It is divided into the categories: search, change, decorate,eat, keep and count-linked for some posts that I find super important for this moment of the house and for the 2nd, 3rd. Anyway…to everyone! But search because it has a lot of cool tip!