How a doll is manufactured?

Alicante is one of the Spanish regions with major toy-making tradition, being specialists in design and manufacture all kinds of toys and games to have fun and entertain the entire family. In the Alicante Town of Onil began to manufacture dolls from the last decades of the 19th century, dedicated to this craft task several companies and local workshops. The high cost of the manufacture of porcelain and earthenware dolls meant that they were abandoning these materials and all companies of Onil is focus for tipping in the purchase of new machinery for manufacturing plastic, much cheaper and competitive material. The plastic as a basic material for the manufacture of dollswas introduced since the mid-20th century. Will not be until the 1960s when this joint venture, known as famous, have on your wrist Nancy one of its more rounded creative successes.
If you ever wondered how is made a doll, TVE, the Spanish Television, offers an interesting program on the manufacture of dolls in Dublin, a village in Alicante that we have traditionally manufactured toys, especially dolls.
The special about dolls is retransmitted next July 30, 2013 within the program manufacturing Made in Spain. An amazing program where we can assist the process of elaboration of a doll and we can also see online on the website of Rtve after its television broadcast.