Hikvision Releases New Series Panovu in Panoramic Security Camera

With ultra-high definition, 180° and 360° video and powerful capabilities of smart monitoring, Hikvision PanoVu series is the most convincing for panoramic video surveillance.
You must also add your incredible bonding to PTZ, make images of 36 X optical and 16 X digital zoom and its installation and configuration to the user in easy way.
All-in-one design.
Designed for large scale monitoring security applications such as stadiums, centers of cities, airports and parking garages, the PanoVu series will allow users to replace multiple cameras with a multi-sensor (reducing costs and reducing technical complexity) unit.
The traditional solution of monitoring for this type of long scenes required multiple cameras and union of video software to mix images and create a single.
Only required an ethernet cable and one power, providing for easy installation and simple configuration.
The cameras also are designed to provide preview images as a new start-up aid to, and to drastically reduce maintenance time and costs.
Superior performance in low light conditions.
This series is enabled to capture greater detail, even in low light conditions as 0.002 Lux.
Monitoring and intelligent functions.
Intelligent monitoring of the PanoVu cameras is because it supports a link to a PTZ camera of additional follow-up, which enables powerful capabilities of PanoVu zoom for magnifying small details in the panoramic image. Smart monitor allows simultaneous tracking of multiple targets, both in automatic and manual tracking modes. Cameras also have a wide range of intelligent features such as intrusion detection, detection of line crossing, region of input and output detection.