Helium Balloons for Birthday: Check Out Ideas and How Much

See tips to decorate the party with helium balloons and have a sense of our costs.
The helium balloons for birthday are very successful in the decoration of parties. They are used in order to make any environment more beautiful, lively and festive. Read the article to learn about inspiring ideas and find out how much this type of adornment.
It is not today that the balloons are used in the decoration of birthday parties. Until recently, the trend was to build panels with balloons. Now, what’s really in alta is the filling of the traditional balloons with helium.

Helium balloons for birthday

Helium balloons differ from the common balloons because they are able to float in the air, this floating effect, for your time, is only possible thanks to a special gas known as Helium (He).
Helium has a density lighter than air when the balloon is filled with this gas, it tends to rise, to identify an equilibrium point with respect to the weight (in and out of the balloon).
The floating effect of the helium balloon is able to make any party more fun and pretty. Kids usually are delighted with this kind of adornment and want to take it home as a souvenir.

Decorating ideas with helium balloons

The House and Party panned some ideas for decorating with balloons helium gas to party. Check out:

Ceiling balloons

The balloons inflated with helium gas can accumulate on the roof, creating a colorful and cheerful decoration suspended. The result is even more beautiful with ribbons tied at the end of each balloon.

Balloons on main table

Dispense the traditional arc of balloons. Use a bunch of helium balloons to decorate each side of the main table, highlighting the main colors of the birthday party. The result is a floating frame.

Metallic balloons

The metalized helium balloons in lieu of traditional models of LaTeX. They can be found in different designs, such as hearts, numbers and letters.
You can use the metallic balloons to write the name of the birthday boy or the age. It is also possible to order custom balloons with a character to give souvenir.

Balloons as centerpiece

You have questions about how to decorate the center of the table. Then use helium balloons to compose beautiful embellishments. It is important that the base of the adorner is overweight to hold each of the balloons.

A balloon inside one another

Place the balloon inside the transparent. Place the mouth of the helium gas cylinder between the transparent and colored balloon. After filling the balloon out, move the nozzle to the mouth of the balloon and start inflating. When the balloons are in the desired size, just tie a knot.

How much does helium balloons?

Helium balloons brighten birthday party decoration and guarantee fun for the guests. The only drawback is the price, which is usually much more salty than the common balloons. The biggest expense is related to purchase of the gas cylinder.
A portable helium gas cylinder 0, 25 m ³, Balloon Team brand, cost R $169.90 in the Subshop. He is able to inflate to 30 balloons, but this amount can vary according to the size and the format of each.
In cases of big parties, the recommended is renting a helium gas cylinder. The Culture Flask, located in São Paulo, it is possible to find cylinders capable of inflating up to 300 9 inch latex balloons.
The value of the lease of the drum varies according to the capacity. The rent of a part for 300 balloons, for example, get R$370,00.

There’s homemade helium balloon?

You don’t have the money to buy or rent the cylinder? Don’t worry. There is the possibility of making homemade helium balloon. See just how simple it is:
Materials needed
1 one-liter plastic bottle
Latex balloons
3 tablespoons vinegar
1 teaspoon baking soda
Step by step

  1. Fill the flask twice and let the air out.
  2. Put the baking soda in the bottle and the vinegar inside the balloon.
  3. attach the open tip of the balloon at the mouth of the bottle. Let the vinegar get in touch with soda crackers.
  4. This mixture will bubble and do the balloon inflate in a few moments.

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