Hair, Kissed by the Sun

Summer is coming and the lighter shades, which create that effect of “hair kissed by the sun”, give a greater luminosity to the face.
If you like reflections or highlights clearer at the tips or frame the face, bet a tone on tone that creates a more natural effect. Choose one to three tones above (or below) of your natural tone and play with the reflections of the nuances. The best will be to choose a tone closer to the original in the root and lighter at the ends. So, avoid the effect of the “unsightly roots” and you only have to touch up the color every three months, depending on the length of your hair.
There are several techniques of colouring, as the ombré, balayage, tie & dye, contrasts, babylights and sunlights, and better counseling with your hairdresser, which will scan your skin tone and hair, as well as the State of the hair fiber, in order to give you a personal recommendation, depending on the desired effect,
I love the coppery tones and chocolate, caramel and honey for a dark brown hair, such as mine, because it confers lightness and the original color. For the dark blond, honey or Golden reflexes are a good bet. In shades lighter blonde, platinum blonde, blonde choose cold or blond baby.
But don’t forget that to keep the brightness and color of the reflections must use a shampoo for color-treated hair, as well as a conditioner and a nourishing mask, so that the pigments keep your vitality and colour for longer.
If you’re thinking a makeover, so inspired in my favorite hair tones:
Medium length hair
They were willing to try?