Google Street View: Trekker Cameras in the Philippines

The Philippines also should be integrated into the Googledienst street view: with special Trekker cameras that can be attached to backpacks, shots of the island State are currently. Thus, piece by piece the entire archipelago in Southeast Asia in pictures to be captured for this part of the world in Google Street view to virtually accessible.
Google to Rely on Using
First screens of the Trekker camera from the capital Manila have been published in a preview. The mounting of the recording equipment to the backpack allows you to record streets and buildings, which can not be reached by the Google cars used so far for the street view shots. For the preview, for example the old fortress city of Intramuros was photographed, is located in the Centre of Manila’s. In the YouTube video, one of the Trekker cameras themselves is also to see, taking 360-degree images of the environment.
Google relies on assistance to the further development of more than 7,000 islands of the Philippines. To facilitate this, the company has provided backpacks with Trekker cameras which can be borrowed by helpers. It is not known whether Google puts more on the support of locals or tourists. The mobility of backpack cameras allows also shots in other parts of the world, so far not by Google Street view.