Goodbye Wrinkles!

I’ve always had dark circles, but with the advance of years feel that these were more profound. That is, no longer just a good night’s sleep or apply an eye cream specific to solve this problem, because they’re always visible on my face. In addition, the Sun left me a few spots in the eyes, which causes have dark circles darker still. So, I’ve tried most of the brokers of dark circles, so as to disguise this problem with makeup.
Take care and prepare the eye zone
The first step is, without a doubt, take care of the eyes with a specific eye cream, so hydrate, alleviate this problem and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, preparing the skin for makeup. See my article on my favorite anti-dark circles creams with more info on the care of this fragile area of the face.
And if they don’t want to get up to 30 years with the so-called Crow’s feet, my advice is to start using an eye cream. In fact, there are a lot of brands on the market and does not need to spend a fortune to prevent aging. And when you get to 40 years will prove the beneficial effects of this daily routine.
Makeup for fix dark circles
If you have dark circles too sharp, it is best to use a medium coverage Foundation, which will help to standardize the tone of the face and disguise the stains and imperfections of the skin. Prefer a fluid base or moisturizer, because the more compact it is, the less will be the natural end result. In addition, when using compact formulas, the product tends to accumulate in the wrinkles of age or of expression, giving it a more aged look.
In my case, I’d rather use the concealer after foundation, as it allows me to better control the level of coverage you want. You can also apply the concealer with a brush, but I prefer to do it with your fingers.
The choice and application of dark circles corrector
The brokers serve to fix and brighten the eye area, and may also be applied to disguise stains and marks. The formulas of smooth texture are best for a makeup more natural, because the brokers in stick provide greater coverage, but tend to accumulate in the fine lines and wrinkles, and therefore most suitable for covering blemishes on his face.
Another important point to consider is the more suitable for you, because this should not be too bright, so as not to keep an artificial air. Choose a shade slightly lighter than the base, but that is founded with your tone.
A trick that many professional make-up people use to hide dark circles blue or purple is to apply a tone corrector salmon/coral before, to neutralize the darker area, and then apply the dark circles corrector to ensure your cover and natural aspect. Try because it will make all the difference!
Apply it in little dots underneath the eyes, without forgetting the inside corner, and then with your fingers spread the product for the area of dark circles. Always place the dark circles corrector in small quantities and renew your application in darker areas, through slight tapping with fingertips, thus eliminating the lines that form. In the end, always apply a little loose powder, with a brush or pad, to secure the product throughout the day.


1-Master Spell Giorgio Armani – With a very fine brush, this formula of tom salmon (orange), indicated for skins clear Brunettes and dark spots, is a good option to neutralize dark circles, before applying your broker tom. Contains a micro-fil technology to ensure a better correction. On sale at El Corte Inglés and at Lisbon Airport. PRVP: €44 (4.4 ml).
2-Radiant Creamy Concealer Nars – is without doubt my favorite corrector and a good investment for anyone who has dark circles, because it makes it possible to determine the level of coverage you want and looks kill. Fluid and hydrating texture, covers the imperfections and gives the skin a natural luminous effect, decreasing the signs of fatigue. The formula contains a mineral powder that optically corrects, provided a kill and lasting effect. The anti-wrinkle effect your avoids the creases in the eye. The mark will be soon on sale in Portugal in Sephora stores. PRVP: €29 (6 ml). I use tom Custard (medium light skin tone the Brunettes).
3- LT/Anti-Cerne Effacernes Lancôme -this formula with long lasting color – 30 FPS, belies dark circles throughout the day, at the same time that treats and protects. Average coverage, has a creamy texture and soft and can be used with or without the base, because it has a very natural tone. Is especially suitable for those who do not have dark circles too deep and the great advantage is that the packaging has 15 ml, that is twice the product of the most brands, for which lasts much longer. For sale in perfumeries. PRVP: €33.50 (15 ml).
4- Anticernes Ultra HD Couvrance Invisible Make Up Forever -This spell HD (high definition) provides a high coverage, unifies the skin tone and reduces the signs of fatigue, even a light effect. This brand of professional makeup created a formula to meet the needs of new technologies for film and television, so your texture is so thin that is impercetível when shot in 4 k, offering a natural and long-lasting effect. I’ve tried and liked enough of your texture and effect. Available in 14 shades is available at Sephora stores. PRVP: €24 (7 ml)
5-Double Wear Stay-in-Place/Flawless Wear Concealer SPF 10 Estee Lauder – a long-duration and average coverage, being the favorite of many make-up people and models. To your long-lasting formula remains unchanged up to 15 hours, being resistant to moisture and perspiration. Fluid texture, and oil free moisturizer, illuminates the area around the eyes and don’t get a dry aspect. For sale in perfumeries. PRVP: €30.20 (10 ml).